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Mold Removal and Mildew in Arlington VA

mold removal arlington va
Mold damage in basement

Mold is caused mainly by excess moisture or humidity so the key to mold remediation is to eliminate the mold growth along with the moisture that caused it.  If the mold is removed but the source of moisture is not addressed, the mold will most likely return even after being cleaned up.  It is recommended that mold growth that covers an area larger than 10 square feet should be cleaned up by certified mold remediation professionals according to EPA and IICRC guidelines.  ServiceMaster NCR provides mold and mildew removal services for homes and businesses in Arlington, VA.  Our technicians are trained to safely remove mold growth and address the source of the moisture to prevent future mold growth.

If you find mold or mildew growing in your home or office, you must react immediately to remove it because mold can contribute to a range of health issues.  Health reactions from mold exposure may include stuffy nose, skin irritation, eye irritation, trouble breathing, and in more extreme cases, fever and respiratory infections.  The technicians of ServiceMaster NCR use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as waterproof gloves to stay protected during the remediation process and we keep the mold confined to the affected areas so that it does not spread further in your home or building.

Instascope Testing

mold removal arlington va
Mold Remediation ServiceMaster

The first step of our mold remediation process is to assess the level of contamination which we do with the Instascope testing system.  This system is an airborne mold assessment system that can detect airborne mold levels with precise accuracy.  We use this system to determine which areas of your home have elevated mold levels that require remediation services and to locate active mold sources within these areas.  The Instascope testing system is used in three steps:

  • Step One: Get a baseline level of airborne mold outside the home or building.
  • Step Two: Get a measurement of mold levels in each room of the house.
  • Step Three: Recalibrate in rooms with higher mold levels to find the source of the mold.

Mold Removal & Remediation Process In Arlington VA

Once the assessment of the mold level is complete, we begin the remediation process to remove the mold growth and restore or replace the damaged surfaces.  The equipment and cleaning products we use are among the best in the industry and we also address the moisture source to prevent the mold from returning.

mold removal arlington va
After the mold remediation

Our mold remediation services include:

♦ Mold Contamination Assessment

♦ Environmental Engineering Controls

♦ Restorative Drying

♦ Microbial Remediation

♦ Pack-Out & Storage

Mold remediation requires the services of trained professionals and ServiceMaster NCR provides mold and mildew removal for homes and businesses in Arlington, VA.  We make sure to find and repair the source of the moisture that caused the mold to ensure that it does not return after the restoration is complete.

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