ServiceMaster NCR Testimonials

ServiceMaster NCR Testimonials

Disaster Restoration Services
Rating: 5 Star Rating, Review by Danny H.
September, 2020

Hard to put into words how much I appreciate the level of customer service provided ServiceMaster NCR — but I am going to try. Chris Coffin is the director of Production that I have dealt with on several occasions. To put it simply, Chris makes YOUR emergency HIS emergency. His responsiveness and sense of urgency are second-to-none, and quickly puts you at ease in the midst of crisis. This guy is going to see you through to the finish line — 100%. And rest assured, the job is going to be done right. His ability to mobilize people and materials at a moments notice is absolutely incredible, and I consider Chris one of the most valuable resources I have. I work for a home-builder. I have used ServiceMaster for major clean-ups on the job, and have consulted him for personal jobs as well. Chris and ServiceMaster NCR are tried and true — they should be anyone’s first call for restoration every time.

Coronavirus Disinfection Services
Rating: 5 Star Rating, Review by P.W., Arlington, VA
March, 2020

I am so pleased in the way the project is unfolding. The ServiceMaster crew is excellent and large (10-12) and easy to work  with. I met with them today at [our offices] and I was very impressed as were the officers on duty. Around 7pm last night it was decided to hold off on the 2nd floor until we can do the work around our work schedule. We will work hard to schedule the process in a day or two. Of course I surely hope we don’t have to do this again but I am thrilled with the process this weekend. I will send out an “all clear” when they are done tomorrow night.

Satisfaction with water damage and mold remediation

Rating: 5 Star Rating, Review by K&JC
November, 2017


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative we are of Crawford Conniff, the Project Manager for our project. It has been incredibly overwhelming to deal with all the water and the mold issues that have cropped up since we discovered our long-time leak in our kitchen. We have not known what to expect from day to day and in the midst of it all, having Crawford manage our expectations and trying to do his very best to make sure that we’re taken care of as best as he possibly can, has been so helpful. From the thoughtful methodology around how to attack our problems to his willingness to explain what was happening in layman’s terms when we were dumbstruck as to the depth of the issues to handling our claim with our adjuster. This has been a difficult project to manage, I’m sure, as there were many unknowns, but Crawford’s help has been invaluable. My husband and I are truly grateful to have had him on the job. We are also aware of all the time that you both have put in into problem solving and making sure we were taken care of and I wanted to express my thanks to you both, as well. In addition, Johnny and his helpers were so very careful in their work and we would happily trust him to do work again in our home.

We’re still in the process of getting this all sorted and taken care of, but I wanted to let you know how grateful we are.

Thanks so very much,
Silver Spring, MD


Review by Jonathan J.

Water Damage Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating


I cannot say enough great things about Servicemaster Alexandria. My insurance company had assigned a different company after I had a small flood. That company recommended everything be stripped down to the studs in the affected areas. They did not take great care in how things were removed and some items were damaged.

Disappointed, I went online and discovered Servicemaster Alexandria and the incredible things people say about them in online reviews. They were all true. They actually recommended less draconian removal of cabinets and countertops and other items and were incredibly professional and courteous in my interactions with them. Their project manager Chris was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I felt like I was working with a dedicated group of professionals. I’m very grateful to them for all that they did to help me through this very stressful time. I cannot imagine a more professional and able company to deal with in a very stressful situation when water damages your home.

I highly recommend using them if you if you have a water problem or disaster in your house.