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Mold can be tough to prevent because there is always a certain level of mold spores in the air that can form into mold growth as soon as they find favorable conditions.  Moisture and an organic food source is all that is needed to foster mold growth, which makes it more likely to occur after water damage, and it can continue to disperse its spores to spread the growth.  Both the IICRC and EPA recommend that if mold growth affects an area of more than 10 square feet, it must be treated by a certified professional.  ServiceMaster NCR provides mold remediation services in Bethesda, MD to fully remove mold growth from homes and businesses.  We use the new, Trifect innovative removal method which is more cost effective and less invasive than traditional methods, along with InstaScope testing to ensure that all mold is removed.

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If there is significant mold growth in your home or building, it is important to have it cleaned up and removed as soon as possible.  Mold often uses cellulose, a substance found in wood and drywall, as its food source and over time, it can cause irreversible damage to these surfaces.  There are also serious health concerns with mold exposure as it can lead to allergic reactions including stuffy nose, eye and skin irritation, and breathing issues as well as respiratory infections.  We make sure the mold is contained to the affected areas to prevent further damage or health risks and we keep ourselves protected with the best personal protective equipment (PPE) available.

Mold Removal and InstaScope Testing

The first step of effective mold remediation is to uncover all mold growth through testing, which we do using the InstaScope testing system.  This testing system provides accurate measurements of the level of mold spores in the air which helps us find areas with hidden mold growth.  The InstaScope testing process is done in these steps:

  • Get a measurement of the airborne mold level outside the home or building for a baseline measurement.
  • Test the mold levels in each room.
  • Areas with elevated mold levels are retested to locate the mold growth.

Trifect Mold Removal and InstaScope TestingOnce we determine the extent of the mold growth and find all hidden mold with testing, we remove the mold with the Trifect mold removal method.  This is an innovative method of mold removal that can be done without removing any drywall, making it quicker, less invasive, and more cost effective than traditional methods of mold removal.  The Trifect mold removal method is done in the following steps:

  • Surface Application: A proprietary topical solution is applied to remove visible mold from affected surfaces.
  • MAG 50: We remove hidden mold with submicron aerosol decontamination.
  • Testing: We will retest your home or building with InstaScope to ensure that the mold is removed completely.

Any amount of mold growth requires immediate attention so if you find mold in your home or office in Bethesda, MD, make sure you call ServiceMaster NCR.  We will effectively remove all mold growth with our accurate testing and the Trifect mold removal method which costs up to 50 percent less than other methods.  You can call us at (855) 957-6627, 24 hours a day for mold remediation in Bethesda, MD area.

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