COVID-19 Reopening Guide

As businesses reopen throughout the Washington, DC metro area, many are wondering what steps they need to take to prepare their facilities.

Customers and employees want to know what steps are being taken to create a safe environment for daily interaction. While practices such as social distancing should be maintained, thorough and regular deep cleaning and disinfection of facilities is an excellent way to build confidence in the workplace, and provide protection for your staff and customers.

Cleaning and disinfection services for viral exposure go beyond the competency of your janitorial staff or regular cleaning service. You require a company with experience in viral outbreaks and decontamination to ensure appropriate procedures are followed. 

If your facility has been exposed to COVID-19, call us at (855) 957-6627.

While we are awaiting more information on specific reopening dates from Mayor Bowser and governors Northam and Hogan, the guide below offers valuable insights and practical information for preparing your facility for reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Reopening Guide
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Links to ReOpening Guides as they become available

Maryland:  Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery

Virginia: Virginia Governor Reopening Guidelines

District of Columbia: Pending

United States: Opening Up America Again

Coronavirus Information

If you are looking for more general information about the disease, or how to prevent infection, we have provided the CDC’s guidelines below, as well as some links we have found useful.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CDC Site

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases Map

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