Tips for Preventing Mold in your Kitchen

mold prevention - kitchen tips

Mold is one of the worst sights imaginable for a homeowner.  It can appear literally anywhere in your home and it causes deep structural damage that will eventually become irreversible.  The other major issue with mold is the potential health effects including allergic reactions and even respiratory infections from prolonged exposure.  The best way to combat mold in your home is to prevent it.  Mold needs moisture and a food source to thrive, making the kitchen one of the most vulnerable areas in your home for mold.  These mold prevention tips will help you check for possible causes of mold and avoid mold growth in your kitchen.

  • Garbage cans: Garbage cans provide everything mold needs to grow. Make sure to consistently empty small garbage cans and use a main garbage can that can be sealed to hold in moisture.
  • Dispose of old food: Old food can quickly develop mold so make sure you clean food out of your refrigerator and cabinets at least once per week. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t know for sure if you will eat it, throw it away.
  • Wash cutting boards: Cutting boards may be used over and over again but need to be washed between each use to remove all food residue. Wash your cutting boards with vinegar and let them dry to help prevent bacteria or mold buildups.
  • Reduce moisture level: Moisture is the biggest cause of mold which makes it very important to reduce the moisture level in your kitchen any way you can. Use exhaust fans when cooking to take the moisture out of the air and wipe off any wet surfaces immediately.
  • Check the sink: Any leakage from the sink can quickly result in mold growth. Check the faucet for leaks as well as the area around and underneath the sink.
  • Remove rugs: Most kitchens have hard floors which makes it tempting to put a rug in the kitchen. It is best to not have any rugs in your kitchen because they can trap moisture that will eventually lead to mold growth.
  • Moisture meter: Moisture meters are the most reliable way to measure the amount of moisture in your kitchen and identify specific areas that may be susceptible to mold growth. You can purchase a moisture meter from a hardware store at a reasonable price.

Mold Safety – Kitchen Tips – ServiceMaster Video

Performing a regular mold inspection in your kitchen according to these tips can help you prevent mold before it starts.  If you notice any excess moisture or water as you are checking for mold, try to clean up the water immediately before it causes mold growth.

Professional Mold Removal Services

While these tips may be effective for mold prevention, there is always a chance that mold can develop despite your best efforts to prevent it.  Call the experts of ServiceMaster NCR immediately for mold removal services.  We use advanced testing equipment and the innovative sustainable Trifect mold removal method to completely remove all mold growth from your home.