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MOLD HELPLINE for Construction Companies

MOLD HELPLINE for Construction Companies


The long-standing relationship between a national new home builder and ServiceMaster NCR (National Capital Restoration) provides substantial benefits when working to meet time and cost goals. On all new construction projects that show signs of mold growth on the framing, a ServiceMaster crew is dispatched to address the mold problem.  With a same-day response time for assessment and remediation scheduled at the client’s convenience, SMNCR can remove the mold without disrupting the timetable for completion.  Once work is completed, SMNCR will provide InstaScope™ clearance results that can help document the builder’s due diligence and insulate the builder from liability.

New Construction Mold Removal

New Construction Mold Removal – Case Study

One week this summer provided an excellent example – five large homes in two separate building developments were discovered to have a problem.  Mold Remediation was scheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice and took place in a single day.  ServiceMaster provided the service required while working around the builder’s schedule.

Proprietary advanced remediation techniques (Trifect®) allowed us to remediate the fungal growth at approximately half of the competition’s rate.  Equally important, the use of appropriate protective equipment, OSHA training and safe work practices prevented injury and kept everyone safe on the job.  The only thing more important than getting everyone to the job on time is getting everyone home safe.

If you have a mold problem, call the ServiceMaster MOLD HELPLINE at 855-957-6627.


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