Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Serving Alexandria, VA and the Washington D.C. Area

ServiceMaster National Capital Restoration (NCR) is the leading commercial water mitigation contractor in the Alexandria, VA & Washington, DC metropolitan area. Established in 1986, our business has grown to handle commercial water losses of any size. As a leader in the field, we use industry best practices paired with the latest cutting-edge technology to get your commercial property back in business as quickly as possible.

If you have water damage in your facility, call us now at 703-212-7000 for commercial water damage restoration.

Rapid Response to Water Damage Throughout Alexandria, VA & Washington D.C.

ServiceMaster NCR will get you back in business after a water damage disaster

ServiceMaster NCR will get you back in business after a water damage disaster

We understand that getting back in business as quickly as possible is a priority for our customers. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located 10 minutes from the 495 Capital Beltway, ServiceMaster NCR will respond at a moment’s notice to commercial locations throughout Alexandria, VA & the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

It is important to call our restoration professionals as soon as possible because water damage caused by leaks and flooding will continue to get worse. Water spreads through porous building materials and the affected materials can experience structural damage and mold growth. Our professionals will immediately stop the spread of the water.

Professional Management of Commercial Water Damage Restoration

When a flooding event happens, we understand the importance of clearly communicating between all parties involved. We will assign a project manager to you to make sure that you receive a comprehensive and clear report of our findings and recommendations. The project manager is your advocate and will make sure your specific needs are addressed.

Large Loss Capabilities

ServiceMaster NCR has managed losses exceeding millions of dollars in damage. Since we are part of the ServiceMaster national franchise network, we can mobilize additional resources to tackle any loss size. Whether you have a small office HVAC leak, or multiple buildings under water, we have the tools and resources you need to get back in business.

Cutting Edge Technology to Restore Water Damage

From FLIR Infrared Cameras to air quality testing with Instascope, ServiceMaster NCR will deploy the most advanced technology in the industry to make sure your property is dried efficiently and safely. We are equipped to remove standing water from your property, and we can dry out affected materials with advanced dehumidification equipment.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Nothing is more important than protecting your customers and employees. Using Instascope, ServiceMaster NCR will monitor your indoor air quality in real-time to ensure that your customers and employees are working in a healthy, safe environment. We will deploy this technology throughout the drying process, and you will be provided with a detailed report for your file upon completion of services.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

When an insurance claim is triggered, it is critical to have accurate documentation to provide your insurance carrier. ServiceMaster NCR works with all major insurance carriers and will gather all of the relevant data required by your insurance carrier to process your claim.

Contact ServiceMaster NCR for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria, VA & Washington D.C.

If your commercial property in Alexandria, VA & the Washington, DC area is affected by flooding or water damage, do not hesitate to call our professionals at ServiceMaster NCR for commercial water damage restoration. We respond quickly to limit the damage and restore your property to minimize the interruption to your business.

You can contact or call us at 24 hours a day at 703-212-7000.

Professional commercial water damage restoration by ServiceMaster NCR throughout Alexandria VA and the Washington DC metro area