Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

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In Alexandria, VA, and the greater Washington, D.C., area, property owners can be affected by much more than political winds. Situated on the northeastern coast, residents of these locations are exposed to hurricanes, blizzards, and other severe weather events. At ServiceMaster NCR, we provide storm damage restoration services to assist immediately following these devastating situations. Whether your property is affected by excess water and moisture, or exterior damage due to high winds and debris, we have the expertise and equipment to help.

 Common Types of Storm Damage

Storm Damage Restoration for Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C.There is a very good reason why storms on the northeastern coast have been referred to as “nor’easters” throughout history. Due to consistent ocean winds, as well as cooler air coming down from the north, the resulting storms are known for their severity. Even when property owners are prepared, they can still suffer from extensive property damage. The primary storm damage types that we see include:

  • ⋅ Flooding within the building
  • ⋅ Wind damage to the exterior of the building (e.g. siding, roofing, windows, etc.)
  • ⋅ Structural damage to the building

When any amount of excess water penetrates your property, all of your building’s contents are at risk of being damaged. This is particularly true in the case of porous structural components and furnishings, as well as electronics. When wind and debris damage the exterior of your building, everything inside can be at risk, as well. In worst case scenarios, structural elements of your building can become damaged, which can lead to collapse. For all of these reasons and more, it is important to address any property damage caused by a storm as swiftly as possible.

 Restoring Your Property

At ServiceMaster NCR, we offer 24/7 access in order to respond as rapidly as we can to damaged property. If your property is exposed to a major storm, and you notice damage, contacting our representatives can significantly reduce the extent of the damage, and give your building and belongings the best chances of being fully restored. We offer the following:

  • Flood Damage Cleanup: We remove excess water and moisture from your property, and restore affected furnishings, building materials, and other belongings.
  • Board Up and Tarping Services: We cover all openings in your building (e.g. damaged siding, roofing, windows, etc.) through board up and tarping services.
  • Structural Repairs: We provide complete reconstruction services to repair structural elements of your building that were damaged.
  • Debris Cleanup: We clear all dangerous debris from your property.

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Our ServiceMaster NCR technicians have a wealth of experience when it comes to storm damage restoration services. To learn how we can help you, simply contact our representatives at (855) 957-6627. We are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies, and are proud to assist property owners in Alexandria, VA, and the greater Washington, D.C., area.