Deodorization/Odor Removal

Odor Removal & Elimination

Source removal of smoke and soot is the primary method used for odor removal. Other methods such as thermal fogging, ozoning, deodorants, and hydroxyls (new nano-technology) may be used when necessary. If odor cannot be removed from structural components using normal cleaning techniques, dry ice blasting may be utilized.

Our prehistoric ancestors relied on their sense of smell to inform them of whether fruit was ripe, meat had spoiled, and whether or not there was a predator in the area. In the days before antibiotics and IV bags, eating bad food could literally kill you. In modern times we do not rely on our olfactory abilities as heavily for survival, but it still provides a powerful emotional connection that is actually more strongly linked to memory and emotion than any of our other senses. When you smell the aroma of fresh bread, it can transport you to your Grandmother’s kitchen instantly. Simply walking past someone wearing your mother’s perfume can bring back memories of childhood more vividly than seeing a picture of her or talking with her on the phone.

Unfortunately, the emotional connection with our sense of smell is not limited to pleasant recollections or feelings. Malodors such as smoke, sewage, and decaying tissue can evoke a powerful reaction that includes headaches, stress, and actual physical illness in many individuals. Charcoal filters are not effective enough; ozone is dangerous in any concentration and even if cleaning begins immediately the airborne particulate will remain for some time. By harnessing the latest in odor mitigation technology, ServiceMaster of National Capital Restoration can immediately remove the airborne odor and reduce the ALE on any project, which includes our extensive line of odor neutralizing agents, HEPA air scrubbers and negative pressure. We are proud to be the only company with access to Nanotech filters. These incredible new filters are used in our air scrubbers in addition to the HEPA filter to quickly remove all airborne malodors. This includes smoke, sewage, and decaying tissue on biohazard cleaning projects. These filters are produced using new manufacturing techniques to provide maximum surface area on a molecular level for optimal filtration. One 16×16 filter contains enough surface area to cover a football field! The odors in your home or office can be eliminated using the right products and equipment.

Odor Mitigation

There are almost as many processes for eliminating odors as there are odors themselves, but many focus on simply masking the offending odor. ServiceMaster of National Capital Restoration employs an array of dedicated products that are designed to deactivate the offending odor on a molecular level, leaving the project odor-free without any residual fragrance. We utilize hydroxyl generators, ozone generators, Odorklenz nano-filters on our HEPA air scrubbers, and a line of Odor-go products tailored to specific applications. We have dealt successfully with all of the following odors:

  • Decaying proteinFire Smoke and Odor Mitigation Alexandria VA
  • Sewage
  • Fire/smoke
  • Skunk
  • Cat urine
  • Garbage
  • Food odors
  • Fuel oil

If you have an issue with odor, we would be happy to evaluate it for you and come up with a proposal to eliminate it.

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