Mold removal recommended by realtors – case study

ServiceMaster NCR was contacted on a weekend to address an urgent mold problem that was discovered during a pre-sale inspection of a local residence. The seller’s agent acted on recommendations provided by other real estate professionals who often use our restoration and mold remediation services.

Our sustainable approach to remediation allowed an estimate to be prepared based on the home inspector’s photos.  The next morning a crew was onsite to take care of the problem.

mold removal - before
Mold removal case study before


The mold growth in question was located behind the water heater in a utility closet. Traditional mold remediation would have dictated that:

♦ the water heater be removed, the drywall torn out

♦ the area be cleaned

♦ air sampling be performed

♦ the utilities be replaced

The project would have required:

♦ 3-4 days to complete

♦ at an estimated cost of $3000-$3500

♦ the home would have been without hot water for the duration

Mold removal - after
Mold removal case study after


Using  Trifect™, ServiceMaster NCR’s patented approach, the mold growth was removed from the drywall without the need to detach fixtures or remove any structure.  Immediately after remediation, air sampling was done using InstaScope™ and the area deemed to have reached the goal of having fewer mold spores than the outside air samples.

The project was concluded in just a few hours and cost less than $1500.

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