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When commercial buildings are damaged due to severe storms, fires, floods, and similar events, the costs can be great. This is because of the scale involved, valuable assets inside, and number of personnel on the site. There are also the operational costs associated with limiting or pausing operations. At ServiceMaster NCR, we offer commercial restoration and catastrophe response services to limit the extent of the damage and restore affected buildings and belongings in an efficient and effective manner. This includes the reconstruction of severely damaged buildings. We offer these services to commercial property owners in Alexandria, VA, and the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Addressing Commercial Flood Damage

One of the most common disasters that we address in the D.C. area is flooding. This is largely because of the major weather events that can devastate the region. Other causes of indoor flooding include burst pipes and sewage backups. Regardless of the source of the water, it can go on to severely or permanently damage structural elements of your building, porous furnishings and belongings, electronics, and more. At ServiceMaster NCR, we contain and remove excess water and moisture through the following:

  • ⋅ An emergency response to cease the spread of water and moisture, and determine an optimal restoration plan
  • ⋅ Complete water extraction and drying services using professional-grade equipment and procedures
  • ⋅ The restoration of affected belongings (including delicate electronics)
  • ⋅ The repair of damaged building materials and components

Commercial Water Damage Services – Watch the ServiceMaster Video

Addressing Commercial Fire Damage

Fires are another major event that we regularly address here at ServiceMaster NCR. In commercial settings, fires can be truly devastating and lif

e-threatening. If a fire starts on your property, it is important to evacuate every individual from the building and immediately dial 911. Once the fire has been put out, you should contact our representatives for emergency sanitization and restoration services. We address the disastrous effects of fire, smoke, and soot through the following:

  • ⋅ A rapid response to quickly and thoroughly inspect your property, and begin the restoration process
  • ⋅ The treatment of soot and similarly corrosive byproducts left by the fire in order to prevent affected surfaces and items from experiencing permanent damage
  • ⋅ The restoration of damaged materials and belongings (including electronics)
  • ⋅ The repair of any damaged structural components of your building

Commercial fire damage services – Watch the ServiceMaster Video

Technicians You Can Trust


At ServiceMaster NCR, we offer the services of highly trained, experienced, and professional technicians. All of them are IICRC certified and understand the unique difficulties associated with commercial restoration. No matter the type or scale of the damage involved, we have the ability to reverse it.

To learn more about our commercial restoration and catastrophe response services, or to take advantage of our emergency response capabilities, contact our representatives at (855) 957-6627. At ServiceMaster NCR, we offer these services to commercial property owners in Alexandria, VA, and the Washington, D.C., area.