Sustainable Drying

flood damage restoration

Eco Friendly Restoration Services – Sustainable Drying

As one of the largest restoration companies in the Mid Atlantic region, we continually seek ways to speed your recovery with the least cost and disruption while being environmentally responsible.  Our success is measured by focusing on your business – how it affects your customers and employees.  Implementing sustainable processes that we have developed over 30 years gives us many options that we can apply during a disruptive event.

Being the recipient of water damage can be devastating.  The disorientation and time lost during and after an event can be disastrous for your business.  With Sustainable Drying you are “back in business”, faster with less cost and less destruction to your property.  Sustainable Drying allows us to prevent the unnecessary replacement of building materials while ensuring indoor air quality standards.   With advanced drying procedures and InstaScope’s atmospheric monitoring, most structural components can be safely dried in place.  Sustainable Drying becomes possible with the ability to monitor indoor air quality in real time, leading to a significant reduction in demolition.

Sustainable Drying supports a sustainable future and our commitment to these ends are evidenced in everything we do.  Not only are we saving you time and money, we are taking care of our resources – a benefit to us all.

If excess water or flooding has caused damage in your home or building, contact ServiceMaster NCR – we offer professional water damage restoration services in the Washington, D.C. metro area and can be reached online or by phone at (855) 957-6627.