Water Damage Restoration for Arlington, VA

Water Damage Restoration for Arlington, VA

Water is all around us in various forms including rain and humidity but when excess water or moisture gets into your home or building, it can cause a variety of problems.  Flooding, sewage, leaks, and excessive humidity can cause expensive damage by soaking into building materials such as wood and drywall and if the problem persists, it can result in mold growth.  ServiceMaster NCR provides professional water damage restoration services in Arlington, VA to eliminate excess water and moisture from homes and businesses and restore the resulting damage.  It is important to act fast because ignoring water damage will lead to more extensive structural damage and mold growth which can have adverse health effects.

When it comes to recovering from water damage, quick reaction, dehumidification, and quality professional services are absolutely crucial for preventing extensive structural damage to your home and furnishings.  Make sure you call ServiceMaster NCR immediately for water damage restoration because the building materials in your home such as wood, drywall, and insulation are porous and will allow the water to continue to spread.

ServiceMaster Flood Damage Cleanup – Watch the Video

Our water damage restoration services include:

♦ Complete removal of excess water and moisture

♦ Thorough drying and dehumidification

♦ Repair or restoration of damaged structural elements, furnishings, and personal items

Disinfection of damaged areas

♦ Mold and mildew remediation if needed

♦ Odor removal

♦ Content cleaning

Water Damage Restoration Procedure

Water Damage Restoration for Arlington, VAEach of our technicians that works on water damage restoration projects has received IICRC certification to help stop and assess the spread of the damage and we can restore the damaged furnishings and structural elements of your home to their original condition.  The cleaning products and equipment we use are the best available in the industry and we are dedicated to removing the excess water before it causes mold or mildew growth.  The procedure for our water damage restoration services includes these steps:

♦ Complete assessment of the water and moisture in your building

♦ Removal of water and moisture with state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and water extraction equipment

♦ Sewage cleanup and decontamination

As soon as you notice excess water in your home or office in Arlington, VA, contact ServiceMaster NCR for water damage restoration services.  Our technicians will immediately start mitigating the spread of the water to avoid further structural damage and mold growth.  You can contact us online or call us at (855) 957-6627 for emergency response in Arlington, VA.