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Hoarding Cleanup Services – Chevy Chase, MD

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For millions of Americans, hoarding is a serious issue that can disrupt their lives and even their relationships with friends and family members.  Hoarding is understood as a mental disorder with underlying anxiety issues that lead to associated behaviors such as the collection of all types of objects and a complete inability to throw anything away.  In time, the collection of hoarded items can fill up areas of the home which increases the risk for injury, fires, and mold or bacteria growth.  ServiceMaster NCR provides hoarding cleaning services to help cleanup and restore the homes of those in Chevy Chase, MD who struggle with hoarding.  We make sure the individual is involved in the cleaning process and we will restore safe, sanitary living conditions.

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The overwhelming majority of hoarding cleaning projects begin when a close friend or family member reaches out to someone struggling with hoarding and helps them understand the importance of cleaning their home.  People who hoard are usually too embarrassed by the condition of the home to reach out for help themselves.  We understand that hoarding is a complicated issue and we work with sensitivity and compassion for the affected individual.  Our technicians build a relationship by developing mutual trust and respect with the individual and we also give the individual the final decision on whether to save, throw away, donate, or recycle the hoarded items.

Hoarding Cleaning Process

Hoarding Cleanup Services - Chevy Chase, MDThe technicians of ServiceMaster NCR are experienced in dealing with all cases of hoarding and we are trained and certified to clean up and disinfect homes in the most extreme cases.  We use state-of-the-art cleaning products and equipment to fully clean and sanitize the home and we can also safely handle the removal of biohazard materials such as bodily fluids, mold, bacteria, and dead animals.

The hoarding cleaning plan is formed with the help of the affected individual and their family and we complete the job within the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation, OSHA, and the EPA.  Our hoarding cleaning services include these basic steps:

  • – Decontamination: The entire home is cleaned and decontaminated after the hoarded items are removed.
  • – Deodorization: We eliminate all unpleasant odors with our powerful deodorizers.
  • – Proper Disposal: We will throw away, recycle, or donate all unwanted items and we transport all biohazard materials to a facility licensed for disposal.

Hoarding is not a situation that should be taken lightly as the effects of hoarding can be very dangerous for those affected as well as their families.  You should reach out to a friend or family member that hoards and help them understand the importance of restoring their home to a safe condition.  If you need professional assistance to help a hoarder clean and restore their home in Chevy Chase, MD, you can reach us 24 hours a day at (855) 957-6627.

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