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Hoarding Cleaning Services – Bethesda, MD

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Hoarding can have serious consequences for those affected as well as their families, and the more we learn about hoarding as a disorder, the better we can help those affected without cleaning services.  Hoarding is a mental disorder rooted in anxiety that causes the individual to have difficulty throwing anything away, leading to a buildup of hoarded items that can dangerously clutter up the home and create conditions for mold or bacteria that can have serious health effects.  ServiceMaster NCR provides hoarding cleaning services to help those dealing with hoarding issues in Bethesda, MD clean out and restore their homes to a safe condition.

It is very common for hoarders to avoid reaching out for help themselves because they usually have a sense of embarrassment about the condition of their home.  The best way to help a hoarder is to have a close friend or family member reach out to them and help them understand the urgency of cleaning their home.  Hoarding is a sensitive issue and our technicians take a respectful and compassionate approach to build a sense of trust with the individual and involve them in the cleaning process.  The individual ultimately decides whether to keep or get rid of the hoarded objects, allowing them to have an element of control.

Hoarding Cleaning Services - Bethesda, MD

Hoarding Cleanup Process

Each of our technicians have the highest level of training and certification to clean and restore homes that have been affected by hoarding, regardless of their condition.  We use only the best cleaning products and equipment available and we build a personal connection with the affected individual first so that they are involved in the planning and cleaning process.  We can also take care of any biohazard materials we might encounter such as mold, bacteria, or dead animals.

Our hoarding cleaning services follow the rules and regulations of OSHA, the EPA, and the Department of Transportation and are done in the following steps:

  • Decontamination: We fully clean and decontaminate the home after all items have been removed.
  • Odor Removal: Our powerful deodorizers will eliminate any lingering smells.
  • Proper Disposal: Every item that the affected individual chooses not to keep will be thrown away or recycled, and biohazard materials will be taken to a licensed facility for safe disposal.

The effects of hoarding can seriously threaten the health and safety of all who live in the home which makes it important to reach out to anyone you know that struggles with hoarding before conditions in their home become too dangerous.  If you know someone in the Bethesda, MD area that needs help cleaning out their home, contact ServiceMaster NCR for hoarding cleaning services.  You can call us any time at (855) 957-6627 to learn more about our hoarding cleaning services.

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