Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Services – Chevy Chase, MD

Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Services – Chevy Chase, MD

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Fires are among the most feared disasters for homeowners and business owners alike as they can cause extensive, complex damage throughout a home or building.  The fire itself is not usually the main source of damage as the smoke, soot, and corrosive byproducts created by the fire cause additional damage and can even continue to spread after the fire is out.  ServiceMaster NCR provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Chevy Chase, MD to repair the damage caused by the fire and restore surfaces and objects affected by soot damage and corrosive byproducts.  With over 30 years of experience in fire damage restoration, you can trust our expert technicians to restore your home or building and help prevent permanent damage.

ServiceMaster fire damage restoration

The technicians of ServiceMaster NCR are not only experienced, but also IICRC certified, trained, and equipped to handle fire damage restoration for any size loss.  We use only the best cleaning products and equipment available to repair structural damage as well as restore furnishings, surfaces, and objects that have been affected by corrosive byproducts or soot.  You can expect these basic steps with our fire and smoke damage restoration services:

  • – Pre-cleaning of damaged areas
  • – Content cleaning
  • – Content pack-out
  • – Cleaning and restoration of damaged surfaces
  • – Deodorization

Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Services - Chevy Chase, MDIn most fires, the bulk of the damage is from soot and corrosive byproducts that continue to spread and settle after the fire is out.  Corrosive byproducts like smoke residue are created when synthetic materials are burnt and the oily residue along with the soot causes tarnishing and etching to the surfaces and objects it affects.  This damage must be cleaned up quickly to prevent it from becoming permanent.  Our technicians can effectively remove tarnishing caused by soot and corrosive byproducts from a variety of delicate household surfaces and materials including stainless steel, tile, marble, brass, aluminum, porcelain, carpeting, and upholstery with powerful chemical cleaners.  If there is a strong odor left in your home or building from the smoke, we can remove it with our deodorization services.

The effects of a fire can be quite devastating to a home or building and even result in permanent damage.  If a fire has affected your home or building in Chevy Chase, MD, call ServiceMaster NCR immediately to stop the damage from spreading as well as cleanup and repair affected furnishings, structural elements, and other objects.  Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (855) 957-6627 to respond to fire damage emergencies in Chevy Chase, MD.

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