Hoarding Cleaning Services in Burke, VA

Hoarding Cleaning Services in Burke, VA

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While most of us are willing to get rid of things we no longer use, others are not comfortable with discarding anything. Sometimes it can be difficult to part with belongings for the sake of extra space around the house.

However, if you keep all of your belongings, regardless of whether you have any use for them, they will eventually accumulate within your home, thus becoming hoarded items. In this case, it is imperative to address the problem as soon as possible. At ServiceMaster NCR, our technicians provide efficient hoarding cleaning services in Burke, VA to restore homes affected by hoarding.

Hoarding Cleaning Services in Burke, VAThose that struggle with hoarding are usually faced with anxiety. This in turn prevents them from discarding the cluttered items within their home. Eventually, these piles of hoarded objects jeopardize the safety and health of those living in the environment; these risks include fire, severe illnesses, and injuries. Excessive clutter in the home can also create conditions for mold or bacteria growth, deeming the home unsanitary. However, those that struggle with hoarding are usually embarrassed to call for help on their own. They will require a trusted family member or friend to assist them throughout the cleaning process.

Here are some common signs of hoarding:

– The individual retains a significant amount of items of no value including rotten food, wrappers, and broken materials.
– They have multiple collections of clothes, shoes, cardboard boxes, books, trinkets, games, dishes, etc.
– There is no available space for the individual or their family to live comfortably.

After reaching out to your loved one that is struggling with hoarding, it is important to contact ServiceMaster NCR immediately. We are able to tackle hoard cleaning in an efficient and professional manner, using advanced cleaning products personal protective equipment (PPE). The affected individual is also directly involved in the process as they will be treated with a sense of respect and compassion.

The hoarding cleaning process includes the following:

– The affected individual will be involved in a detailed discussion; this is to ensure that the cleaning process is run as smooth as possible
– With their approval, the process is carried out through sorting the belongings into categories that include: sentimental, hazardous, valuables, etc.
– After the sorting process is complete and the house has been disinfected, a detailed consultation is scheduled with the individual. This is to ensure a healthy recovery while preventing another hoard in the future.

For effective, personable hoarding cleaning services in Burke, VA, ServiceMaster NCR is available 24/7. Call us at (855) 957-6627 to discuss your options of hoarding cleaning services with our experienced professionals.