Flood Damage Restoration in Burke, VA

Flood Damage Restoration in Burke, VA

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There are numerous natural disasters that can cause a great deal of destruction. Especially in the case of a flood, the impact to your property can be detrimental. There are measures that can be taken to prepare and seal your home; however, it is never guaranteed that the water will not seep in during a heavy rainstorm or flash flood. So if your home has been damaged, ServiceMaster NCR is here to help with professional flood damage restoration in Burke, VA.

Flood Damage Restoration Process

Flood Damage Restoration in Burke, VAWe promptly respond to mitigate any flood-related damage caused to your property. Our experts also undergo unique training to use the latest techniques and equipment guaranteed to restore your home to its original condition.  Finally, with our services, you can expect to have your life back to normal in no time.

Our expert flood damage restoration services include the following steps:

1. Assessment

We start by assessing the damage to measure the amount of water that has penetrated the interior, exterior, and furnishings. Building materials including wood and drywall are especially porous, thus allowing water to soak and cause the most damage.

2. Containment and Water Extraction

Standing water presents a major problem as it quickly damages all furnishings and building materials in its path.  We tackle this problem by removing the water with advanced water extraction equipment. The drying process is then started immediately to prevent further damage or mold growth.

3. Dehumidification and Air Movers

Once the water has been removed, we place advanced dehumidifiers and air movers at various points throughout the room. The humidity level is then decreased to remove excess moisture from the drywall, flooring, and furniture.

4. Moisture Monitoring

The moisture levels are monitored frequently to ensure effective and efficient dehumidification of the damaged space. This will then reduce the risk of mold growth within the indoor spaces.

As soon as you encounter water damage within your home, it is essential to call ServiceMaster NCR for flood damage restoration services in Burke, VA. We are available 24/7 at (855) 957-6627.