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When faced with a personal tragedy such as suicide or murder, dealing with the technicalities, legalities, grief, and sorrow will take its toll. But once the authorities are finished with their investigation and have gathered the evidence, the scene must be cleaned and sanitized immediately. That is why it is important to call our certified professionals for biohazard and crime scene cleaning in Burke, VA 22015.

The professionals at ServiceMaster NCR are here to help. We understand that this is a difficult time and the biological evidence must be cleaned immediately; it is also disconcerting to live in an environment where such a tragedy has taken place. However, this particular mess should never be cleaned with home products or equipment. Not only are these products ineffective, but this type of cleaning requires proper training and chemicals designed to eliminate the remnants of biological materials.

Our professional biohazard and crime scene cleaning technicians have expert knowledge and training to ensure your property is clean, healthy, and free of contaminants. When any type of biological material remains at the scene, it poses a risk of contamination. In addition, the growth of the pathogens will defile the environment of your property, not to mention the risk of illness and infections to your family.

ServiceMaster Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning

Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning - Burke, VAWe provide comprehensive services that include:

– Bio cleanup post suicide
– Blood & tissue removal
– Post death cleanup, deodorization, and sanitization
– Post homicide cleaning
– Crime scene cleaning

Professional Services

We understand the delicacy of the matter. That is why our personnel work with the utmost respect and concern for your privacy. With that, all biological waste materials will be removed properly while the room is effectively decontaminated. We will then contact you once we have declared the room safe again.

For fast and reliable biohazard and crime scene cleaning in Burke, VA, contact ServiceMaster NCR at (855) 957-6627. With services available 24/7, our professionals handle the job with efficiency and discretion. Call us today to speak with our biohazard cleaning experts.