Water Removal and Damage Restoration for Washington, DC

Water Removal and Damage Restoration for Washington, DC

Completely avoiding water damage is almost impossible because anything from a leaking faucet to heavy rain can cause water damage in your home.  Many building materials such as wood, flooring, and drywall are absorbent and allow excess water or moisture to get absorbed and spread through them.  This not only increases the risk of considerable structural damage, but also the risk of developing mold growth.  Water damage requires immediate action to contain and remove it before the damage becomes severe.  ServiceMaster NCR provides water removal and damage restoration in Washington, DC to extract water and moisture from homes and businesses as well as dry and restore the affected area.  We have been a trusted provider of water damage restoration in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years.

Water Removal and Damage Restoration for Washington, DCThe reason you must react quickly to any excess water is because water can easily travel through absorbent building materials and cause extensive damage.  These materials will weaken as they absorb more water and become much more vulnerable to mold growth.  The presence of mold will not only increase the amount of damage, but also raise certain health risks associated with mold exposure such as allergies and infection.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster NCR are highly trained and equipped to contain the excess water and remove it with our advanced water extraction and drying methods.

Our water removal and damage restoration process includes:

– Complete removal of all excess water and moisture
– Extraction of excess moisture from wet structural elements and furnishings with our drying and dehumidification process
– Complete damage restoration of the affected objects and materials
– Cleaning and disinfection of affected surfaces
– Mold remediation if needed
– Deodorization
– Content cleaning and pack-out

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Water Removal and Restoration Process

You can trust our IICRC certified technicians to remove any amount of excess water from your home or business.  Our water extraction equipment is the best available in the industry and we can completely dry out affected furniture, structural elements, and other objects with our drying and dehumidification process.  Thorough drying of the affected area and objects helps to prevent further damage and mold growth.  The water damage restoration process consists of these basic steps:

– Initial evaluation of the water damage to determine how deeply is has been absorbed.
– Complete removal of water and moisture from affected areas and objects.
– Removal of sewage water and disinfection.

Any water damage has the potential to become a real problem so if you find water damage in your home or building in Washington, DC, contact ServiceMaster NCR immediately.  Our technicians provide effective water removal and we will also make sure any damage has been cleaned up and restored.  We are available 24 hours a day at (855) 957-6627 for emergency water removal and damage restoration services.