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Class Descriptions

See a brief overview of each of the CE classes offered by ServiceMaster NCR


ServiceMaster NCR CE ClassroomTrauma and Bio-Hazards losses occur daily and involve a wide range of impacted individuals. How to address losses and customer psychology are important factors. Beyond cleaning these losses, the emotional and psychological impact affects the results.


This course details why hoarding is important to insurance companies, adjusters and property management professionals. It is designed to help the audience understand hoarders, assist them in identifying a hoarder, and educate them on how to handle a loss properly when a hoarder is involved.

Water Damage Mitigation

This class is designed to educate insurance companies and their staff on the concept of loss mitigation or reducing the size of property losses pertaining to water damage. You will learn how destructive water damage can be to a property and the proper steps to take to help reduce the damage and stop the loss. Limiting water damage will lead to lower costs and better loss ratios for your policyholders.

Smoke/ Odor Damage Restoration

This class is also for insurance companies and their staff to educate them on loss mitigation relating to smoke and odor damage. Fires leave behind chemical vapors and acid gases that can damage common household surfaces such as aluminum, chrome, porcelain, and marble if they are left untreated for any amount of time. You will learn the best methods for reducing the damage and improving the loss ratio to save money for your policyholders.

Mold Remediation

Mold contamination is a source of property damage and it poses serious health risks to those that live or work inside the building. This class covers the life cycle of mold and its health effects on people, as well as the proper preventative actions to take to remove mold and prevent future growth. Understanding these principles will also help insurance agents and property managers make an informed decision when recommending a mold remediation company.


This class covers the process of ethical decision making and the several filters that should be considered when making an important decision regarding restoration and repair. The key objectives of this class are identifying the importance of ethics, defining ethics, identifying sources of ethical framework, and practicing this method of decision making. This course has been approved for 3 Laws and Regulations credits in Virginia and for the 3 Ethic credits needed per year in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Restorative Structural Drying

This hands-on approach provides the latest information, equipment, procedures, and recommended certifications needed for water extraction and drying out of structures affected by water intrusion. Topics covered include effects of water saturation on various structural materials, evaluation of water losses, industry standards for drying, measurement and documentation, restoration processes, equipment and technology, modern drying paradigms and an overview of the science of drying (psychrometry) and explores the restore vs. replace decision.


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