Restorative Structural Drying

Restorative Structural Drying Classes

6 credits, CE Course: VA#C58128  MD#C58213  DC#00013608
Instructor: Chris Coffin

This in-depth course keeps you informed about the latest procedures, equipment and technology available in the field of water mitigation. Using a hands-on approach during this all-day class, this class gets into the “weeds” of water mitigation , you will learn:

♦ How water saturation affects various structural materials

♦ How to evaluate a water loss

♦ Current industry standards for drying, measurement and documentation

♦ The restoration processes, equipment and technology

♦ Modern drying paradigms

♦ Overview of the science of drying (psychrometry)

♦ Explore the restore vs. replace decision

If you are interested in attending the class, please contact Janice Canody at (855) 957-6627 x112

This course has a minimum class size of 20 people! There is no charge for these 6 hours of Continuing Education.

Available in 2018