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Winter Weather Guide

Winter Weather Guide

From the Fairfax County Government’s Winter Guide:

Winter is clearly here today with the ice cold, polar temperatures.

USA freezing temperatures

If you see someone who is unsheltered and may need hypothermia prevention help, please call 703-691-2131. Our six emergency shelters have added capacity in the winter, and we have dozens of faith communities who also help provide shelter all winter long.

With winter here, we’ve published a winter weather guide. It’s not comprehensive, but selective to include topics such as:
– VDOT Snow Removal
– Walkways and Sidewalks
– 7 Places to Consider Shoveling Snow
– New National Weather Service Commuter Alerts
– Cold Weather Tips
– Links to Other Key Topics

Here’s the link to the guide:

If your pipes do freeze & burst – after you turn off your main water valve and call a plumber, call 703-212-7000 (ServiceMaster NCR) to take care of the water damage.

Stay warm today and safe & dry all winter!

More info:

How To React To Frozen Pipes


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