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How do you test for mold in your house?

You see mold in your basement, but is it affecting your child’s bedroom on the second floor?  Is it in my HVAC system moving throughout my house?  Is it under my wood floors, carpets, or behind my walls?  These are all pertinent questions and should be addressed and the only way to find out is by conducting a mold test. A brief description of the available tests will help you decide which you should choose…

servicemaster instascope

Healthy Building Technology – InstaScope

InstaScope – a portable Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor (WIBS). The key feature of InstaScope is its ability to detect mold in real-time. For the first time, mold can be detected within a wall cavity, flooring system, HVAC or ceiling without the need for invasive cutting or demolition. Further, results are presented within minutes instead of days allowing property managers and decision makers to take action immediately and without delay.

Heaven Can Wait (Indoor Mold Case Study)

When inspecting for mold, it is easy to overlook items that in the past have been difficult to test, e.g. drapes, clothing and bedding, etc. New and improved technologies, such as InstaScope, give us the ability to easily inspect these items. Using this type of technology may save the lives of loved ones and speed recovery for those who have immunocompromised situations.