ServiceMaster Restore Explains Hoarding Signs ServiceMaster Restore Explains Hoarding Signs
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Hoarding Signs – ServiceMaster Restore Series

Hoarding Signs – ServiceMaster Restore Series

How do you know if you or someone you love struggles with hoarding? Follow our series to learn more…

Hoarding Signs – Stage 1


  • Every room in the house is still accessible
  • Closets are overstuffed
  • A collection is starting to take over the house
  • Several piles of items have formed and remain untouched


  • Job and finances are intact
  • All family members are healthy
  • Anxiety begins to mount as piles start to form around the house
  • Family pets are maintained
  • Everyone starts in Stage 1

hoarding stage 1

During the second stage of hoarding, symptoms start becoming more apparent.

Hoarding Signs – Stage 2


  • An appliance is broken and not fixed
  • A storage room, basement or attic is full
  • Weekly cleaning has stopped and dust has built up
  • Pet odor throughout the home
  • More and more items are coming into the home than leaving


  • Hoarder has become estranged from family and friends but still maintains job
  • Depression and loneliness are becoming noticeable
  • Condition of home has become embarrassing
  • Inaction is justified

Hoarding Signs - Stage 2

To be continued …


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