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Hoarding Signs – Continued

Hoarding Signs – Continued

Continued from Hoarding Signs – ServiceMaster Restore Series

By stage three of hoarding, the problem gets more serious as family and friends start to voice concerns.

Hoarding Signs – Stage 3


  • Damage to home is visible from exterior
  • Electrical outlets are blocked and it is difficult to move through the house
  • Hoarded items have extended to the porch and yard
  • Pets are allowed to use the bathroom inside the home


  • Hoarder compromises some daily activities like eating, showering and socializing
  • Performance at work starts to suffer
  • Family has voiced concern
  • Hoarder avoids human interaction; interacts almost exclusively with pets

Hoarding Signs - Stage 3

By stage four of hoarding, a job loss has occurred and the hoarder is withdrawn and out of touch with reality…

Hoarding Signs – Stage 4


  • House has structural issues
  • Mold, dust, and water damage exist throughout the home
  • Living conditions may include bad air quality, rotten food, feces and vermin in the house
  • True fire hazards and dangers exist throughout the home


  • Now living in a “cockpit”; furniture and bedrooms are no longer accessible
  • Job loss occurred
  • Hoarder is fully withdrawn, depressed and no longer paying bills or following social norms
  • Out of touch with reality

Hoarding Signs - Stage 4

Stage Five is the final stage of hoarding as symptoms have reached their peak.

Hoarding Signs – Stage 5


  • Home is no longer safe
  • Complaints have been filed or local officials have already been involved
  • Water and power no longer run in the home; restroom options have been compromised
  • Very little living space exists


  • No separator of day and night
  • Personal relationships no longer exist
  • Signs of other mental issues and conditions have set in
  • Hoarder exists in complete isolation from the outside world
  • Social services are likely now involved

Hoarding Signs - Stage 5

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