Water Damage Restoration for Reston, VA

ServiceMaster Water Damage Restoration in Reston, VA

Water Damage Restoration for Reston, VA

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Water is our most important resource but in certain situations, it can be destructive.  Excess water in a home or building can cause structural damage by getting absorbed in various building materials and it creates the right conditions for mold growth.  Water damage has many potential causes including floods, rain, sewage backups, leaks, burst pipes, and overflows, making it a very common problem for homes and businesses.  ServiceMaster NCR provides water damage restoration in Reston, VA to remove standing water and moisture as well as clean up the resulting damage.  Our state-of-the-art drying equipment will effectively extract all moisture from affected surfaces and materials.

Any amount of water damage can become a problem because drywall, wood, flooring, and other building materials are porous.  Excess water gets absorbed into these materials which allows it to spread while increasing the risk of serious structural damage.  The other major problem with water damage is mold growth.  The presence of moisture triggers mold growth which can cause even more property damage and health issues such as allergies and respiratory infections.  Our technicians stop the spread of the excess water and begin the drying process immediately to prevent more significant damage.

Water Damage Restoration in Reston, VA

The water damage restoration services from ServiceMaster NCR include the following steps:

  • Removal of excess water and moisture using extraction equipment
  • Drying of structural elements and furnishings with drying and dehumidification equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfection of affected surfaces and objects
  • Mold removal
  • Odor removal
  • Content cleaning and pack-out

Water Damage Restoration Procedure

Our water damage technicians at ServiceMaster NCR have been trained and certified to clean up large and small water losses using the best available equipment and cleaning products.  We use advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment that removes moisture effectively from affected building materials, structural elements, furniture, and other objects.  Once the water is removed, we will inspect the home or building for mold and take actions to remove it.  Our water damage restoration services consist of these steps:

  • Complete assessment of the water damage
  • Drying and dehumidification to remove water and moisture
  • Cleaning and sanitization or sewage backups

Water damage is no light matter so call our professionals at ServiceMaster NCR if there is excess water in your home or building in Reston, VA.  Our technicians respond quickly to stop the damage from spreading and save you time and money on the restoration process.  Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (855) 957-6627 for emergency water damage restoration services. 

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