There is Mold in the Bathroom – What Should I Do?

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The constant level of moisture found in bathrooms makes it common and nearly inevitable to find mold growth there. In addition to being damaging and unsightly, mold can cause various health concerns to any of your home’s inhabitants. Among the health problems mold causes are allergies, asthma, headaches, skin irritation, and more.

Because of the property damage and the harm that mold can cause, you need to know how to respond to mold growth in the bathroom. Otherwise, any mold in the bathroom that develops will only worsen with time and spread to previously unaffected areas, especially if excess moisture continues to be produced. Read on to learn more about how mold growth occurs, how to prevent it from growing, and what you should do if you have mold growth in your bathroom.

How Does Mold Form in the Bathroom?

Mold Damage
Mold damage

Mold spores are always present in the air, but they form into mold growth when they are in the right environment. Mold growth is triggered when mold spores have both an organic food source and a moisture source. Because of the constant moisture found in bathrooms, mold growth is quite common. There are various kinds of mold that can appear black, green, or white in color — though it isn’t limited to just those colors and color doesn’t necessarily indicate harmfulness.

If excess moisture in the bathroom doesn’t have the necessary ventilation for proper drying, then it will likely lead to mold growth. Often, mold in the bathroom is found on tiles, grout, walls, near windows, and under sinks.

Other things like plumbing problems can lead to standing water, which can also cause mold growth if not addressed quickly enough.

If you see mold in the bathroom, act promptly. If you don’t see mold but suspect mold growth in the bathroom, pay attention to any musty odors or sudden health issues, such as coughing. These can indicate mold growth in your property.

How Do I Prevent Mold Growth in the Bathroom?

The key to preventing mold growth anywhere is to prevent and remove any excess moisture from the area. As such, thorough drying is important, especially in the bathroom. Make sure you follow these tips to help prevent mold growth in the bathroom:

When you take a bath or use the shower, be sure to turn on the bathroom exhaust fan. When you’re done, allow the fan to continue running for at least half an hour after your bath or shower. This will ensure that any excess moisture in the bathroom has ample time to thoroughly dry.

⋅ After you use the tub and/or shower, use a squeegee to wipe off water from the tiles, grout, and walls. It can be a tedious task, but it can make a significant difference in mold prevention.

⋅ If you need to use a shower curtain, use one that is mildew resistant.

⋅ If you notice any leaks in your bathroom, then you need to call a plumber to have them fixed right away. Not only will immediate action prevent pools of standing water from forming, but it will also save you money so that you don’t end up wasting water.

⋅ Wash bath rugs, towels, and shower curtains regularly. Regular cleaning will make it more difficult for mold to grow but be sure to dry these items completely. Otherwise, the cleaning may be counterintuitive and instead attract mold growth.

What Should I Do About Mold in the Bathroom?

From bleach to vinegar, there are numerous do-it-yourself techniques you can try on your own to remove mold in the bathroom. Mold will often appear in between tiles, on tile surfaces, and on grout lines. You can scrub the mold away or wipe it from these surfaces using vinegar. However, cleaning mold yourself can expose you to the fungus, making you more susceptible to any health issues it causes.

Although there are various home remedies you can use for mold removal, they are not always effective. In fact, you may even end up making the mold problem worse. Not all mold is the same, so not all mold can be treated the same way. If you don’t use the correct removal method for the type of mold, it may be ineffective at best and irritate the mold growth at worst.

The only way to ensure thorough mold removal is to locate and treat the source of the mold growth. If you have mold in your bathroom, take the time to look for the moisture source. Sometimes, the source of mold will be easy to locate, like near the exhaust fan or beneath your sinks. Sometimes, the source can be hidden, and you may be unable to find it.

Knowing this, the best course of action to take with mold in the bathroom is to contact a mold remediation professional with mold assessment capability.

Professional Mold Remediation

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