Matt Paxton Seminar on Hoarding Hosted by ServiceMaster NCR

Hoarding Case Study - ServiceMaster NCR

Matt Paxton, one of the top Hoarding Clean-up experts in the United States, presented an educational and eye-opening seminar on Hoarding for the Northern Virginia Apartment Association (NVAA) at ServiceMaster NCR on Wednesday, October 12th.

Matt Paxton
Matt Paxton Seminar on Hoarding

Matt has teamed up with ServiceMaster to provide training and oversight on handling hoarding jobs and travels the country speaking about Hoarding awareness and how to effectively communicate with a loved one struggling with hoarding.

Matt Paxton and Jen Hammer
Matt and Jen Hammer ServiceMaster NCR who arranged the seminar


MJ Dudine with Matt Paxton
ServiceMaster NCR HRExec Assistant MJ Dudine with Matt

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