Winter Tips For Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA | Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA

Water Damage Restoration in Arlington VA

Winter arrives, bringing some expected problems that can make your home more likely to sustain damage due to water. It’s important to be aware of certain things to prevent expensive repairs.

Water damage is not just a winter problem – it can happen at any time of the year. However, winter gives the water more chances to cause damage, mainly because of the chilly weather and the relentless snow and ice.

If you’re in Arlington, VA, and facing water damage issues during winter, consider these details to avoid costly repairs and consider water damage restoration in Arlington, VA. Also, be aware of the potential damage that winter can bring.

Here’s a list of some winter-specific damages that you need to watch out for:

Frozen or Burst Pipes | Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA

One major problem in winter is frozen or burst pipes, which can cause a lot of damage to your home. Burst pipes, especially those hidden behind walls, can lead to severe water damage. When the temperature drops to freezing, water inside the pipes can freeze and expand, sometimes bursting the pipe. This can lead to water leaking out and damaging your walls and floors. Pipes that aren’t insulated and are close to the outside walls are more likely to freeze and break. It’s essential to ensure warm air circulates in the plumbing to prevent freezing, especially for pipes in crawl spaces, outside walls, and attics.

Melting Snow on the Roof and Gutters

Your gutters play a major role in keeping water away from your home. But when they freeze or get blocked by ice, they can cause serious damage. If ice forms and clogs the gutters, the melting snow on the roof won’t have anywhere to go, causing water to spill over in all directions. This can lead to the formation of ice dams, which, when they melt, can damage the roof and even seep into the attic, causing mold and structural damage. The weight of these ice dams can put stress on the roof and cause water to leak through the shingles, causing leaks inside your home. To prevent this, it’s essential to keep your gutters clean before winter.

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Flooding Caused by Melting Snow Around the House | Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA

Flooding is a big worry in winter because a lot of precipitation is stored as snow or ice. When the temperature rises, or there’s a sudden thaw, the snow around your house can melt, causing a lot of water to accumulate in your yard or basement. This melted snow can seep into the soil and leak through the foundation and basement walls. To prevent flooding, you can shovel or move snow away from your house’s foundation. Clearing excess snow from the roof also helps, as it prevents melting snow from dripping near the foundation, which could cause damage.

Ruptured Outdoor Water Lines

Don’t forget about outdoor water sources like garden hoses during winter! Pipes with water running through them can freeze and burst, causing problems. To avoid this, turn off the water supply to the hose so that any trapped water can drain out. Also, make sure to turn off all valves that supply water to outdoor water sources to prevent issues. This simple step can save you from a lot of trouble during winter.

Remember, if you face any water damage issues during winter, consider water damage restoration in Arlington, VA, to fix the problems.

Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA by the Experts

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