What Restoration Companies Do After a Water Disaster | Water Disaster Restoration


Water disaster restoration companies come in handy to tackle the effects of a water disaster such as floods. If you happen to suffer from one, our team of professionals at ServiceMaster NCR has the knowledge and tools to provide you with water disaster restoration services in Alexandria, VA and Washington DC

When your water disaster restoration company arrives, what do they do? Here are the primary services you should expect.


Your water disaster restoration company will start by eradicating the threat. First, they will remove all the water and begin the drying process. They will monitor moisture levels and set strategies to dry the affected areas effectively.

They will also clean and sanitize the area to leave it in good habitable conditions. After cleaning, the drying process continues to ensure all moisture is removed to prevent mold growth.


In addition to restoring your home, your water damage restoration company will inspect for possible water contamination to ensure safety. They will also assess the cause of the problem and solve immediate issues that may have caused the disaster.

At ServiceMaster NCR, we take the time to assess the extent of damage, ensuring as much mitigation as possible. Our water disaster restoration team is equipped with equipment and knowledge to deal with disasters large or small.


Lastly, we restore the home to functionality, returning all your valuables where they need to be. In the event of extensive damage, we also dispose of overly damaged items and help to restore structural elements that have been damaged.

Having a water disaster restoration company on board eliminates the possibility of extensive damage. Our professionals are equipped to deal with all kinds of water disasters, taking up the challenge to restore your home. If you are searching for water disaster restoration services in Alexandria, VA, we are up for the task; contact us and leave them to handle the mess.