What is the Difference between Water Mitigation and Restoration? | Water Disaster Restoration Services

Water Disaster Restoration Services Alexandria

Water damage comes with many difficulties and implications, which can be overwhelming to handle. As challenging as they seem, you should be prepared to act on such problems. Thankfully, water mitigation and restoration provide solutions that can help you save some coins and preserve your valuables. 

Our team of professionals provides water disaster restoration in Alexandria, helping you recover your valuables and settle you back in your property after water damage. If you live in the areas and have such a problem, call us for prompt intervention. 

How do you tell water mitigation and water restoration apart? 

The terms appear similar, but they are significantly different.

Water mitigation is a service that prevents further damage to property after water damage. Technicians utilize unique techniques to minimize the losses incurred by a water disaster. 

Water Damage Mitigation Involves: 

  • Removing damaged items, including walls and flooring. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting materials. 
  • Assessing the structural stability of the home. 
  • Water extraction and drying of affected areas. 
  • Protecting the home’s integrity by applying tarps, boarding up windows, etc. 

Water damage restoration requires trained professionals who can reconstruct and rebuild a home after water damage. We are experts at this, providing water disaster restoration in Alexandria. Our teams fix broken components, conduct repairs, and replace overly-damaged parts, getting the home back to livable conditions after water damage. 

Water Damage Restoration Involves: 

  • All the above. 
  • Replacing damaged walls and floors.
  • Eliminating mold
  • Repairing roof damage 
  • Humidity and moisture testing to ensure the area is dry. 

Damage can occur quickly in the event of a water disaster, but with ServiceMaster, you can worry less about further damage to your property. Our team is trained and equipped to provide water disaster restoration in Alexandria, so call us for immediate intervention if you live in the area.