The Health Effects of Mold | Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Mold, if not attended to, affects the structural strength of your home over time. Additionally, it harms human health, posing respiratory issues and allergy risks. That said, treating and removing mold by professionals is crucial to ensure complete removal and mitigation. At ServiceMaster NCR, we carry out mold treatment, disposal, and other water damage restoration services in Alexandria. 

Health Effects of Mold

The effects of mold are tied to more than the moisture factor. But it can also be due to other present contributors, such as chemicals from damaged surfaces and dust mites. Damp indoor spaces have been linked to respiratory issues and other health concerns, such as headaches and skin and eye irritation.

Individuals suffering from immune deficiencies are more prone to the harmful effects of mold. The same applies to those with specific mold allergies. In such cases, professional help is necessary to facilitate prompt treatment.

How to Prevent Mold Growth | Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

The best way to prevent mold growth is to ensure no moisture buildup in your home. That means ensuring all surfaces are dry at all times. It means repairing leaks on time and replacing fixtures that are prone to causing water damage.

Routine home maintenance ensures you catch faults before they cause extensive damage. Bring an inspector on board to assess the condition of your roofing system, the plumbing line, the wastewater drainage line, appliances, etc. 

Call ServiceMaster NCR if you are looking for water damage restoration in Alexandria. Our able team has experience dealing with mold, as well as other effects of water damage. We will remove all mold sources, repair the water damage source, and restore your house to functionality.