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The Health Risks of Mold Exposure

What is even more concerning than the property damage mold can cause are the health risks it presents to anyone who has been exposed to it. Continue reading to learn more about mold basics, mold health risks, mold prevention, and mold removal.

mold allergies

Dangerous Effects of Mold on Children

Any type of mold should be treated seriously, but Stachybotrys, commonly known as “black mold”, causes the greatest health risks and can be fatal in children. The longer children are exposed to these mycotoxins, the more sensitive they may become and the reactions are more likely to become severe. That’s why it’s vital to arrange for expert mold removal services at the first sign of black mold.

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Mold Allergy – Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

In order to recognize allergies to mold, so that you can take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid serious health issues, you need to be able to identify the signs of mold-triggered allergic reactions and learn how to alleviate them. The most common symptoms of mold exposure involve respiratory problems, neurological complaints, and irritations of the skin and the eyes. Well-insulated homes trap moisture indoors, creating perfect conditions for mold growth. Therefore, living in a home with poor ventilation can also increase the chance of developing a mold allergy (or aggravate already existing mold allergy symptoms).