Norovirus – Commercial / Office Decontamination Case Study

Norovirus case study

At ServiceMaster NCR, we train our project management staff to minimize business interruption.  After all, the cost of being closed for a day is often measured in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the lost opportunity can be incalculable.

The Norovirus Issue

A recent example of this involved a commercial client in a 26,000 ft2 showpiece, Class A office space in DC.  One of the office staff came down with the norovirus after spending extensive time both in the office and at the home of a senior administrator.  This virus is spread through human contact with infected surfaces, and is highly communicable.

Norovirus mold prevention

The Solution

A ServiceMaster Project Manager team responded immediately and was onsite within two hours of the initial contact, fully equipped to execute a large-scale disinfection.  Working overnight to prevent disruption to the operation of the business, the entire office and residence were disinfected with an EPA registered biocide.  Occupants were encouraged to observe good hand wash procedures, and individuals that felt ill were instructed to stay home.

The Results

The project prevented any cross-contamination from occurring, continuing our 100% success rate for biological contamination, and the final cost was less than would have been incurred closing the office for a day.

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