Myths About Water Damage | Water Damage Cleanup in Alexandria

There is plenty of information out there on ways to manage water damage by doing it yourself. While most of the DIY articles are helpful, hiring a professional is the best move for the best results.  ServiceMaster NCR is an excellent choice if you are looking for water damage cleanup in Alexandria, VA.

Here are some myths about water damage cleanup that you should be mindful of:

Water Damage Cleanup Can Wait

The earlier you attend to water damage, the quicker you can mitigate damage and salvage your valuables. As soon as water damage occurs, call professionals with experience in water damage cleanup in Alexandria, VA, and let them handle the mess.  If you leave your valuables to soak in the water, you risk extensive damage bringing about losses. It could take as little as a few weeks, for wood flooring that is untreated to start rotting and damaging your floors.

The Musty Smell Will Fade Over Time

The unfortunate thing about water damage is that mold can grow as early as 24 hours following water damage. Mold is dangerous and is associated with respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

It comes with a musty smell that develops further if not treated. This is why it is essential to start water damage cleanup as soon as water damage happens; that way, you can reduce the risks of mold growth and subsequent musty smell.

No Water, No Water Damage

Water damage does not need to be a flooded house or soaked furniture. It can be hidden behind walls, under floors, and even in the foundation. This is why professionals for water damage cleanup assess every part of your property to find hidden water damage and cleanup immediately. Cleanup is recommended as soon as water damage occurs. The best approach is to get professionals for water damage cleanup in Alexandria, VA. Contact us at ServiceMaster NCR, we provide removal of water and moisture, in addition to disinfection services and mold removal. When you work with our skilled and equipped team of professionals, you don’t have to worry about the potential threat to your home or personal items.