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DISINFECTION – Make certain it’s done right!

We are dealing with an enemy that cannot be seen, an invisible invader, a silent killer.  How are you choosing a disinfection company to provide services for your facility? What criteria should you be using to determine the validity and results of their services?  How do you know if it’s been done right?

indoor mold allergy symptoms

The Health Risks of Mold Exposure

What is even more concerning than the property damage mold can cause are the health risks it presents to anyone who has been exposed to it. Continue reading to learn more about mold basics, mold health risks, mold prevention, and mold removal.

Groveton Fire

Home Impacted by Smoke from the Groveton Fire?

For a limited time only, we will test your home for smoke or soot, free of charge. Homeowner insurance policies cover the cleanup from this type of loss. Even if you don’t see or smell it, soot particles can be caustic, corrosive and detrimental to your health.

frozen pipe

Restoration Services for Burst or Leaking Pipes

When a pipe bursts, you will be left with not only a pipe that needs repair or replacement, but water damage, too. This becomes an emergency situation that requires immediate attention. Continue reading to learn more about frozen and burst pipes including how to prevent them, how to identify frozen pipes, and what to do about them.