How to Prevent Mold Growth After Water Damage | Water Disaster Restoration in Alexandria

Water Disaster Restoration in Alexandria

One of the significant concerns of water damage is mold growth. If your home has suffered a water disaster, you might have had to deal with mold growth. If this is a current problem, reach out to ServiceMaster NCR. We provide water disaster restoration in Alexandria, with one of our services being mold treatment and prevention.  

How can you prevent mold growth after water damage?

Drain out the Water | Water Disaster Restoration in Alexandria

Top on the list of things to do to keep the mold off your home is to drain all the water as soon as possible. Moisture buildup creates a favorable environment for mold to grow and develop. The quicker you dry out the area, the lesser the mold growth in your home.

Remove All Wet Items

After drying out the affected surface, remove all soaked items. Keeping them indoors will facilitate moisture buildup in adjacent floors and walls, resulting in mold growth. Leave them out to dry or call professionals to clean and dry them effectively.  

Run Fans to Remove Moisture Completely

Your space might still have moisture buildup, even after drying it out. Therefore, running fans in the affected area must circulate adequate air. It will help eliminate as much moisture as possible while ventilating the damp area.

Clean and Disinfect | Water Disaster Restoration in Alexandria

Cleaning and drying your stuff alone won’t be effective in keeping mold at bay. The area will need disinfection to rid of the bacteria and microbes left behind. You can use bleach or a disinfectant on the surfaces to stop mold spores from growing.

These tips can help you keep mold at bay; however, your home might still be prone to mold growth, especially with DIY treatments. That said, call ServiceMaster NCR for water disaster restoration in Alexandria. We will respond on time and take care of the mold in your home, leaving it safe and comfortable to live in.