How to Perform DIY Water Damage Repairs? | Water Disaster Restoration

Water damage resulting from minor leaks in your plumbing line might not require professional intervention. However, if the issue is left unattended, the damage might warrant professional services to correct it.

If your property has water damage, get ServiceMaster to help you solve the issues at hand. Our team is trained to provide water disaster restoration in Alexandria and can get your home back to functionality after water damage.

But if you would like to perform DIY water damage repairs, here are simple steps you can follow.

Find the Leaks

Inspect your plumbing line and find the leaks. Find out the parts of your home that have been affected by the leaks and start on restoration.

Get Rid of Damaged Parts

Remove damaged drywall, especially if water damage has been there for a while and mold has grown. If there is mold, wear protective equipment as it can adversely affect your health if you do not handle it cautiously.

Mold can be sensitive to handle, so getting a professional would be the best idea. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in Alexandria, and thanks to our trained team, you can rest assured of proper handling and removal of mold from your home.

Perform the Repairs

Measure the drywall you need to replace the one you just removed. Be careful when applying adhesive and make sure it aligns with the rest of the drywall.

Prime and Paint

Finish the repairs by priming the surface and following up with paint. You need to make sure the wall is well ventilated, and the adjacent windows are open to let in air and quickly dry the paint.

DIY water damage repairs can solve the problems at hand; however, if not done correctly, can result in additional issues. Leave the job to ServiceMaster, thanks to our team providing water disaster restoration in Alexandria. Call us and let us handle the mess for you.