How Tile Flooring Gets Water Damage After Flooding | Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood Damage Cleanup Alexandria

Tile flooring is the most common type of flooring among homeowners. While tile flooring is considered prone to water damage, tiles are fitted with grout and adhesive seal, which are prone to water damage.

In a flood, the adhesive and grout deteriorate between the tiles, increasing the risks of damage. If this happens, get ServiceMaster for restoration. We provide flood damage cleanup in Alexandria and will help you restore your tile flooring after floods.

How Tile Flooring Gets Damaged

Standing water does not directly damage ceramic tiles. However, the grout between tiles is not entirely waterproof and allows moisture to seep through, collecting moisture under the tiles. If you have a plywood base or particleboard under the tiles, it will start to swell and warp, pushing the tile to lift even harder.

While only a few tiles might get damaged from this, the entire surface under the tiles will be damaged. This will warrant the complete removal of all the tiles to replace the board underneath.

It can be challenging to tell the extent of damage to the material underneath hence why it is crucial to have a professional inspect the situation. ServiceMaster is reliable if you are looking for flood damage cleanup in Alexandria and will run a thorough inspection of the area before restoration.

Typical causes of such damage would be a slow leak in a pipe under the tile’s surface, a broken dishwasher, or unexpected flooding from broken taps and faucets. The board under the surface can soak quickly, resulting in the tile coming loose, with extreme cases resulting in cracked tiles.

Your tile floor is prone to damage as much as any other type of flooring. Flooding can occur at any time and pose a risk of damage to the tiles. Luckily, ServiceMaster NCR provides flood damage cleanup in Alexandria, and thanks to our team, you can rest assured of complete restoration.