FIRST STEPS to take if you are experiencing water damage

ServiceMaster Water Damage restoration

First of all, if you or your business is in need of water damage remediation, please call our office at: (855) 957-6627. Water damage is an emergency matter! The faster you react the better.

Here are some FIRST STEPS to take if you are experiencing water damage: 
ServiceMaster Water Damage Restoration

1.) Shut off main water valve (if internal source).

2.) Determine source of water and notify plumber to repair leak (if internal source).

3.) Alert a restoration company to begin work as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

4.) Begin documenting damaged items and removing valuables from the affected area.

5.) Contact your insurance company representative to file a claim.

6.) Document the claim number and adjuster contact information, this information will be critical for the restoration company to work with your insurance agency.

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