Fire Safety Tips – Electric Appliances and Cords

electrical socket - fire safety

Spoiler Alert:  In the recent NBC drama, This is Us – Jack dies in a fire which was caused by a CrockPot slow cooker. Frightened fans threaten to throw out their beloved Crock-Pot.

This is great made-for-TV drama, but brings up a few reminders for all electric appliances.

  • Inspect electrical cords for signs of disrepair (fraying, splits, loose plug, etc).
  • Inspect appliance for cracks, rust, worn parts. “Gotta fiddle with the switch” is a big clue that the appliance needs to be thrown away – NOT given to a neighbor or donation center.
  • Keep combustibles (cloth, paper, cooking oils, etc.) away from heat.
  • Don’t overload circuits or extension cords.
  • Pay attention to safety recalls. (Probably the best reason to fill out those Registration papers that come with appliances)
  • Make certain you have working smoke detectors.

We hope it doesn’t happen, but when a disaster occurs in your home or business, remember the fire restoration experts at ServiceMaster NCR – call (855) 957-6627!

Fire Safety – Electrical Inspection Tips – ServiceMaster Restore Video