Essential Water Removal Tips | Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Unexpected water damage can be overwhelming, especially with your firsthand experience. It is important to bring professionals on board and prevent further damage. ServiceMaster NCR provides credible water damage restoration in Alexandria, taking care of the mess and restoring your property to functionality.  

If water damage is manageable, these essential water removal tips can come in handy. 

Find the Source of the Leak | Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Find the source of the water and stop the water flow immediately. It may be a pipe burst, washing machine overflow, or slow leak that builds up over time in the walls. Cutting the water flow will not only prevent further destruction to your property. Still, it will cut costs associated with extensive water damage restoration.

Ensure Safety

Ensure personal safety in the affected area. Wear protective clothing such as waterproof boots and overalls, as the water might be contaminated already.  Switch off the primary power source to your home to avoid getting electrocuted as you start the water damage cleanup.

Remove Standing Water | Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria

Removing standing water minimizes damage to the floors and adjacent walls. This step also prevents excessive moisture build-up, which can result in mildew and mold growth- causing health and structural hazards. Use heavy-duty vacuums and extractors to get rid of standing water.

Prevent Moisture Buildup

Removing standing water is not enough for restoration. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and vacuums to remove moisture on surfaces. Since this can be challenging with regular home cleaning supplies, getting a professional would be the best approach.

ServiceMaster NCR is your best bet if you are looking for water damage restoration in Alexandria. Our team is trained in effective water removal strategies and complete repair of water-damaged properties.

DIY water removal can be effective with the right tools and equipment. But, with a professional on board, you do not have to worry about the entire tedious process.

ServiceMaster NCR provides water damage restoration in Alexandria, taking up the hassle of water removal, cleanup, and repair.