Trifect: Non-Destructive Mold Remediation

Trifect: Non-Destructive Mold Remediation

Trifect® is a new system of Mold removal that has revolutionized the way we handle mold. Using proprietary formulas, and new technology, Trifect returns your structure to health quickly and safely.

The Trifect® Advantagebefore-after

· Safe
· Quick
· Tremendous savings
· No reconstruction
· Immediate test results

The Method 

1. Surface Application:  Remediates visible mold with a proprietary topical solution.
2. Air Scrubbers reduce airborne/settled spores. *Minimum of 8 air changes/hour with negative pressure established as necessary.
3. Verification: InstaScope® verifies the elimination of airborne mold spores

To see if your facility qualifies for the Trifect® solution –
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Trifect Mold Remediation – Case Study

Traditional or Trifect Mold Remediation – Case Study