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Concern for Newborn – Mold Remediation Case Study

Concern for Newborn – Mold Remediation Case Study

The Mold Issue

A residential project with extensive damage from a leak in an upstairs condo, complications arose from the discovery of mold and the presence of a newborn in the home.  The mold growth was exclusively located within wall cavities and stemmed from a previous loss, completely surrounding the kitchen area.


The baby

The Mold Remediation

Using advanced mold remediation techniques, ServiceMaster technicians eradicated mold growth in place, without resorting to expensive and messy demolition.

nursery room

The nursery room

The Results

Mold remediation was completed in a single day, saving 90% over the cost of removing and replacing the structure and the air quality was tested the same day with the InstaScope.  This ensured that the family and their newborn could move back in right away and retain full use of their kitchen.

The kitchen

The kitchen – mold free

For professional mold removal services in Alexandria VA and Washington DC area, call the mold remediation experts of ServiceMaster NCR at (855) 957-6627!


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