Commercial Water Damage Restoration – FAQs

commercial water damage

Water damage is one of the most common forms of damage that residential and commercial properties experience. This is because water damage can be caused by many sources, including appliance malfunctions, pipe bursts, rainstorms, flash flooding, and more.

Cases of commercial water damage are especially concerning because of how it sets back your business. To have the property thoroughly cleaned and restored, you usually need to temporarily discontinue business operations. So not only will you need to spend money on restoration work, but you’ll also lose money by not running the business.

Knowing this, you’ll want to have the restoration work completed as soon as possible to get your business up and running again. Water damage and restoration involve a great deal of work, so you may have numerous questions about the damage and how your property will be repaired.

Continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions concerning the commercial water damage restoration services that ServiceMaster NCR provides.

How long will it be until my property dries?

servicemaster water damage restorationThe amount of time it takes for your property to dry will depend on several factors: water source, how long the water has been causing damage, location, and affected materials among others. It also depends on when the restoration work is started. Because of this, there are no guidelines that provide an exact drying time. However, we have found the drying process usually takes anywhere from three to five days, but other factors can extend that timeline.

How do you know when the property is completely dry?

Our restoration professionals will consistently monitor and evaluate the drying process. We have specialized equipment that allows us to properly test for complete drying. We do not simply go by touch to determine whether your property is thoroughly dried out, because it isn’t always accurate.

Will heat or open windows speed up the drying process?

Heat won’t necessarily quicken the drying process, but our technicians will adjust the temperature accordingly to allow for proper drying. That said, you are advised against adjusting your thermostat or turning off your heating or air conditioning. Doing so can actually increase the amount of time needed for thorough drying.

Similarly, opening windows does not always speed up the drying process because of various weather conditions. Our technicians know when outside air can aid the drying process and will open windows if necessary.

Why do you use air movers and dehumidifiers?

Our air movers allow any moisture that has been absorbed by drywall, flooring, and other building materials to be released into the air. Dehumidifiers then assist in eliminating excessive moisture. Both are essential for complete drying, so do not move or turn off either piece of equipment.

Will I need to move my belongings and other items from my property?

If anything must be moved, we will inform you beforehand. Otherwise, your belongings and other items can remain in their respective places.

Can I walk through the affected areas during the drying process?

We advise minimum traffic.

Does my damaged hardwood flooring need to be replaced if it’s buckling?

ServiceMaster NCR injected a proprietary disinfectant solution into the wall cavities to destroy mold
Holes in drywall allow disinfectant solution to reach hidden areas

Our restoration professionals will dry and evaluate any damaged wood flooring. Our specialized drying equipment helps create efficient drying conditions, allowing wooden flooring to dry and revert to their original shape. However, hardwood flooring can take three weeks or longer to dry because of their urethane finishes and density.

In the event you filed a claim for this damage, the insurance adjuster helps determine whether you can just refinish your flooring or whether you need to replace it.

If my carpeting is damaged, will it be restored or replaced?

The amount of damage your carpeting has suffered will determine whether it can be restored or needs to be replaced. The following factors can make your carpeting damaged beyond repair:

  • Permanent stains
  • Adhesion loss
  • Delamination (separation between carpet fibers and backing)
  • Flooring condition
  • Sewage contamination

If your carpeting is simply wet and hasn’t suffered any of the aforementioned situations, then chances are it can just be restored. Otherwise, replacement might be necessary.

If the carpeting on stairs needs to be replaced, it will likely remain in place until it’s time to install the new carpeting. This is done to prevent safety hazards, such as exposed staples. However, immediate carpeting removal might be done to prevent damage to the wooden steps or in cases of sewage contamination.

Why is it necessary for specialty flooring to be removed?

We need to remove your specialty flooring, because its nonporous nature prevents it from absorbing water. Instead, any water that reaches it can become trapped. In such a case, the flooring cannot dry properly.

What happens to my damaged area rugs and furniture?

Damaged rugs require special care, because improper drying can lead to discoloration or color bleeding. We minimize this by restoring them at our warehouse and then returning them to you following thorough drying and cleaning.

Damaged furniture will be dried and then assessed. Whether furniture can be salvaged is dependent on its construction and the amount of damage. If any furniture is unsalvageable, we make note of that and won’t discard of anything unless you agree, signing a customer release form.

What’s done for items and materials contaminated by sewage?

Sewage Cleaning in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C.

Items and materials that have been contaminated by sewage need to be sanitized, so anything we cannot sanitize is disposed of. Drywall, flooring, insulation, and other porous materials that suffer sewage contamination are immediately removed. But hard, nonporous materials and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized.

Why does my property smell?

During the drying process, it’s normal to come across odors. Higher levels of heat and humidity can result in heightened smells from building materials that are drying. That said, these odors shouldn’t be confused with the musty odor that mold produces. Further into the drying process, these smells will fade, but our technicians can also eliminate such odors by using deodorizers.

InstaScope is a new airborne mold testing system, that immediately delivers scientifically accurate, room-by-room results. Using InstaScope, a certified mold technician can instantly differentiate between rooms with normal airborne mold levels that need no treatment, rooms with elevated airborne mold levels which may require a simple cleaning by a mitigation professional and rooms with higher airborne mold levels and an active mold source that may require targeted mold remediation.

ServiceMaster Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If your commercial property has suffered water damage, then reach out to ServiceMaster NCR immediately. We provide commercial water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup services to help restore your business to a safe, clean environment for your employees, customers, and visitors. With our efficient help, you can resume normal business operations in a timely manner.