Need CE Credits? ServiceMaster School Is Back in Sesh!

ServiceMaster CE classes

Hey insurance agents, personnel and property managers!

ServiceMaster CE classes
ServiceMaster National Capital Restoration’s Chris Coffin, leading one of the several seminars we provide throughout the year.

Do you need to acquire CE credits? ServiceMaster NCR is your place to earn them! Join us for a variety of engaging topics in one of our many FREE classes where you’ll earn a gazillion credits, enjoy a 5 star gourmet meal and be amazed by the Flying Wallendas highwire act. Okay- I’m exaggerating a little… but our classes are interesting and educational.

Classes resume in September – download the registration form by clicking HERE or REGISTER ONLINE.

If you are interested in attending classes, please return the registration form as soon as possible. All classes do not have a maximum class size but may be canceled if the minimum is not reached.

All classes are 3 credit hours. For those attending full day classes, lunch is provided. As always, classes (and parking) are free.

Contact Janice Canody, Marketing Coordinator at:
or phone (571) 858-9861 (direct) or (855) 957-6627 (main)

We hope to see you in our office sometime this fall!