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National Capital Restoration
Headquartered in Alexandria

ServiceMaster NCR

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(855) 95SMNCR

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  • Serving The DC Metro Area Since 1986

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  • mold-housesick

    “MY HOUSE IS MAKING ME SICK” - Mold Remediation Case Study

    Have you ever wondered if your indoor air is contributing or causing health problems for you and your family?  Is mold responsible for the children, the elderly being sick or feeling bad in general?  With 90% of our time spent indoors, it is a very real possibility.  Below is one case where we de [...]

  • frozen-pipe

    Winter Weather Guide

    From the Fairfax County Government's Winter Guide: Winter is clearly here today with the ice cold, polar temperatures. If you see someone who is unsheltered and may need hypothermia prevention help, please call 703-691-2131. Our six emergency shelters have added capacity in the winter, and [...]

  • ServiceMaster Restore

    White Mold and Black Mold Explained

    Mold on furnishings and building materials will rot them away and spread further into your home, increasing the risk of certain health reactions. The spores aggravate lungs and sinus passages, causing sinusitis, itchy eyes, headaches and fevers. According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, a few people [...]