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ServiceMaster NCR

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    Serving The DC Metro Area Since 1986

Service Master NCR Latest News

  • mold prevention - kitchen tips

    Tips for Preventing Mold in your Kitchen

    Mold is one of the worst sights imaginable for a homeowner.  It can appear literally anywhere in your home and it causes deep structural damage that will eventually become irreversible.  The other major issue with mold is the potential health effects including allergic reactions and even respirato [...]

  • case-study-mold-removal-residential

    Mold removal recommended by realtors - case study

    ServiceMaster NCR was contacted on a weekend to address an urgent mold problem that was discovered during a pre-sale inspection of a local residence. The seller’s agent acted on recommendations provided by other real estate professionals who often use our restoration and mold remediation services. [...]

  • How to choose the right mold remediation company

    How to choose the right mold remediation company

    The 2016 Homeowners Guide to Mold - Part 8 Step 1              Check your phone book or the web for a local mold remediation company. Step 2              Refer to the 3 critical questions to ask every mold company before they enter your home. Step 3        [...]