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ServiceMaster NCR

National Capital Restoration
Headquartered in Alexandria

ServiceMaster NCR

(855) 95SMNCR (703) 212-7000
(855) 95SMNCR

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(703) 212-7000

  • Serving The DC Metro Area Since 1986

ServiceMaster NCR Latest News

  • servicemaster instascope

    Healthy Building Technology – InstaScope

    By Morgan Renard, Operations Manager, ServiceMaster National Capital Restoration Published in the Washington Building Congress Bulletin – March 2017 More often than not, new technology supplements current business practices causing incremental improvements over time. Productivity tools such [...]

  • Mold Damage

    Dealing with Mold in Basement - FAQ

    Mold can grow in any room in the home, but the basement is one of the most common areas in the home to find it. Here are a few Q & A’s about mold in the basement and what you can do about it. Q: Why are basements such prime areas for mold growth? A: Mold grows in areas of high humidity. [...]

  • asthma and mold - video

    What is in the Air You Breathe?

    They say "Spring is in the Air!" but do you know what is in the air you breathe in your home or business? Spring often launches "allergy season," a time of increased allergy symptoms, and triggers asthma attacks. What is it about Spring that causes these heightened issues? [caption id="attachment [...]


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