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Fire & Smoke damage

Happy Thanksgiving

Cooking and Fire Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, people across the country will be getting together to eat more than 700 million pounds of turkey. This much turkey means that there will be a lot of food preparation and cooking done in the couple days leading up to Thanksgiving. As you start preparing your Thanksgiving meal, it is very important to use good practices for food safety and cooking safety to avoid fires.

fire damage

Tips to Remove Smoke Odor

Smoke particles can be composed of varying toxic elements. Although difficult to eliminate, smoke odors can be removed with a little knowledge and a lot of concentrated effort. See how.

fire damage

Hidden Dangers of Soot: Fire and Smoke Damage Tips

A fire is a frightening experience for anyone involved, but if you think the dangers are over once the flames have been extinguished, you’re wrong. The black residue covering walls, ceilings, and furnishings is not only ugly and hard to clean, but it’s a health hazard. Learn more about the hidden dangers of soot …

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Fire Safety Tips – Electric Appliances and Cords

In the recent NBC drama, This is Us – Jack dies in a fire which was caused by a CrockPot slow cooker. This is great made-for-TV drama, but brings up a few reminders for all electric appliances. Fire Safety – Electrical Inspection Tips – watch the ServiceMaster Restore Video.

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How to File Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

The immediate aftermath of a fire is an overwhelming time and it’s hard to know where to begin. These tips can help you navigate those early days with a minimum of frustration and confusion.