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DIY Mold Removal – Yes or No

Is it a good idea to attempt mold removal on your own? It may look harmless, but mold is much more dangerous than it looks – see some helpful mold removal tips.


How to Prevent Indoor Mold Growth During the Winter

Winter is more than just a time to bundle up and make soup; these cold, wet months are a prime season for mold growth. Snow and rain mean more moisture is tracked inside on feet and clothing, which increases humidity. You can take several easy, inexpensive mold prevention steps before winter arrives.

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Summer Nor’easter Leads to Serious Mold Concerns

Last weekend, the DC metro area saw heavy rainfall from the unseasonal “Nor’easter” that led to flooding in many areas. In some locations, or entire neighborhoods, power outages were common and rising water levels closed access to main roads. Many residents were away on vacation or caught unaware of basement flooding until days later. Homeowners and property management are now left dealing with the aftermath of the torrential rains.

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Toxic Mold

One of the problems with wallpaper is that it can easily hide any and all toxic molds that may be growing where we can’t see.  Most wallpaper acts as a vapor barrier, trapping moisture behind it and in combination with the organic wallpaper paste, provides the perfect conditions for prolific toxic mold growth. 

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Dangerous Effects of Mold on Children

Any type of mold should be treated seriously, but Stachybotrys, commonly known as “black mold”, causes the greatest health risks and can be fatal in children. The longer children are exposed to these mycotoxins, the more sensitive they may become and the reactions are more likely to become severe. That’s why it’s vital to arrange for expert mold removal services at the first sign of black mold.

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Healthy Building Technology – InstaScope

InstaScope – a portable Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor (WIBS). The key feature of InstaScope is its ability to detect mold in real-time. For the first time, mold can be detected within a wall cavity, flooring system, HVAC or ceiling without the need for invasive cutting or demolition. Further, results are presented within minutes instead of days allowing property managers and decision makers to take action immediately and without delay.